Benefits of Spray Foam During Winter Months

Benefits of Spray Foam During Winter Months

Winter is around the corner, and since it can be very unbearable, it pays to prepare earlier. Like other counties that experience the freezing low temperature during winter, Flagler County is not exempted. Outdoors can get pretty cold and the only best place to rely on for warmth is indoors. As such, it’s important to insulate your home or commercial place with spray foam to keep the indoors warm. With that said, here are the benefits of Spray foam during the winter months: 

Save Energy 

This winter, the cost of energy to heat a home is expected to go up according to Intel from Energy Information Administration. With those using gas expected to pay 30% more while electricity 6% more. As such, insulating your home with spray foam can help you lower your energy bill. By containing the warm air in and preventing entry of cold air, you will use less energy to heat your home. 

Even Temperature Distribution 

Spray foam insulation ensures the entire household experiences consistent temperature. Therefore, you will not find certain rooms colder or warmer than others. Owing to the great barrier it creates between indoor and outdoor temperature, it’s also useful during summer. 

Perfect Insulation

During application, the spray foam gets in between all the places that need insulation. Therefore, not even cracks or crevices are left untouched.  As a result, it creates a perfect seal that limits external cold air from getting indoors. Sealing the doors and window is best for indoor warmth, but spray foam guarantees the entire house will be sealed.

Enhances Air Quality

Spray foam is an excellent insulating material when it comes to enhancing air quality. It seals the entire home perfectly preventing entry of cold air from outside. But that’s not all; it also excludes allergens and dust from your living space-maintaining clean air to breathe. Lastly, it prevents a build-up of moisture which can also affect the state of your living space. 

Saves Money

Are you looking for a way to save some cash for Thanksgiving or New Year’s eve? Well, you get a significant amount from your heating bill. With spray foam insulation, you can seal in the heat in your home and prevent overusing the heater. Also, it maintains a uniform temperature throughout the house as mentioned earlier. As a result, you’ll be using the heater minimally reducing the cost of heating energy. 

Improves Comfort

Whether you need spray foam for office space or residential insulation, it’s best for improving comfort. Speaking of that, it prevents drafts, maintains consistent temperatures, and keeps the air dry and dust-free. As a result, the comfort of your living or working space improves significantly.

Easy Installation

Insulation is easiest compared to other insulators, as such, there are no intricate procedures to worry about. Therefore, as a handyman, you can try this out. However, if you need an excellent outcome, professionals will come in handy. 

With spray foam insulation, even the hardest to access places are not left out. And if you consider using professional assistance, the installation process is non-intrusive. With the team of experts using spraying guns, the job should be complete within a day. 


With traditional insulation, the effectiveness is lost with time, prompting the need to remove it and reinstalling another. However, you don’t have to worry about this with spray foam. It’s a one-time investment that will serve you for decades. Comprising of isocyanate and polyurethane, these two materials create a hard surface once they react. As such, it doesn’t lose shape over the years. 

Final Take 

Finally, if you are ready to abandon high energy bills, discomforting indoor moisture, and fluctuating indoor temperatures in winter, contact Sizemore Spray Foam Company. They serve a large part of Florida including Bunnell or Flagler County. With their professional expertise, rest assured your home will be comfortable this winter.