Common Overlooked Insulation Problems

Common Overlooked Insulation Problems

A house that’s freezing during winter and super hot during summer is unbearable. And that’s why most of us prefer home insulation because it creates a conducive environment during extreme weather. Speaking of insulation, Spray foam is often the best pick among homeowners and builders. It’s durable, easy to use and it’s the best quality. However, it also comes with a set of setbacks during insulation. And here are some of the commonly overlooked insulation problems when using spray foam: 

Product Misrepresentation

Spray forms are known to be the best for insulation homes or residents. As a result, people overlook these products when choosing one from the market. Like many great products with huge sales, there are poor quality spray insulation products in the market. As such, if you get an imitation product, you will not get the results you desire. 

As a result, you will have poor insulation in your home that will affect you when the weather is extreme. To ensure you avoid this issue, working with a licensed and reputable contractor is the best way. For the sake of their brand reputation, they will source quality insulation spray and deliver the results you desire. 


The idea of overstuffing the wall cavities to create perfect insulation feels enchanting, especially when doing DIY projects. But avoid this. Some insulators like fiberglass rely on air pockets between fibers to create effective insulation. 

So, when you overstuff, you are reducing the efficiency of the insulator. Therefore, you should consult a professional insulating company to avoid these mistakes that will affect the comfort in your home.

Neglect When Creating an Air Seal

There is more to insulation than just coating the surfaces of your home with an insulating material. And the most overlooked yet critical is creating air seals around the house. While we create this barrier on the wall, roof, and floor to limit temperature fluctuation, there are areas we forget. And these are windows and doors. 

The unchecked air through the windows and doors spaces can render your hard work useless. As such, you need caulk to ensure you seal off the hot or cold air getting into your living space through these areas. Thereafter, leave your insulation to deal with the rest of the house. 

Imperfect Work 

While the professionals can deliver exceptional insulation service, DIY have their weaknesses as much as they are inexpensive. And a common challenge with DIY projects is the lack of precision when insulating the surfaces. 

As a result, holes and air gaps are left between the insulator and surfaces. And the outcome is energy deficiency. With the insulators not working optimally, you will invest more in energy bills when compensating for the energy loss.

Preventing Air Flow

Sealing the air spaces in the house is very important. But sometimes people confuse this with sealing the roof ventilation in an attempt to conserve the heat in the living area. The roof vents are important in elongating the life of the attic by curbing humidity build-up. More often, the air flows from the soffit and leaves the attic through the roof vents. Therefore, keep this in mind when doing a DIY to avoid damaging your roof. 

Surface insulation is a trade on its own. As such, there is minimum expertise to be met for a perfect result. And that’s why hiring a professional spray foam insulation company for domestic and commercial services is vital. They have the expertise, precision, and experience to create a perfect insulation barrier. 

And since they understand what they are doing, your expectations when it comes to insulation will be met. So, call Sizemore Spray Foam service today if you need a superb insulation service, whether it’s domestic or commercial use.