How Spray Foam Can Benefit Your Commercial Building

How Spray Foam Can Benefit Your Commercial Building

Spray foam is beneficial to commercial buildings in a variety of ways. Not only can spray foam save on energy, but it can protect your property as well. Using spray foam on the roofs of commercial buildings can assist in addressing potential challenges.

What is Spray Foam?

Spray Polyurethane foam (SPF is a spray that expands when applied. A liquid solution smoothly transitions into a solid layer of foam before hardening. Since the mid-1900s, spray foam has been used in a multitude of ways in different facilities.

Commercial Insulation

When it comes to energy, commercial buildings can potentially save big. Ductwork or passages used in heating and cooling are vital for commercial buildings. However, did you know that a good percentage of air that moves through the heating or cooling systems is lost as a result of air leaks and holes? Ducts that are not properly sealed result in energy loss for a building. This can overall result in facilities spending hundreds more on electricity than they should be. Ductwork that is not properly ventilated can result in water damage, varying temperatures, and even mold. Air conditioner and heater systems that are properly insulated result in a multitude of benefits. These benefits include a reduction of air leaks and well maintained temperatures. When using spray foam for air duct insulation, the solution will mold to different shapes without any hassle. Rather than other extensive insulation options, spray foam provides a quick and durable solution.

Spray Foam on Roofs

Not all roofs are made the same. Some roofs have multiple levels, which can result in leaks. Generally, where different roofs meet, draining water can be collected. To avoid the hassle of mold, spray foam can assist. Spray foam can be simply sprayed to the area needed to create a barrier. Using spray foam can create a protective layer to prevent water from going under the roof and entering the building’s interior.

Building Shapes

Commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes. While some might be simple, not all of them are. Spray foam can be applied to roofs to cover awkward shapes. Commercial building roofs come in prefabricated shapes. Generally, a contractor would have to use a sheet of metal to work around your building’s shape. In comparison to other materials that would have to be used to fix any shapes, spray foam can be applied without hassle. If a building is awkwardly shaped, it can be difficult to work around it, leading to an increase in money to fix the solution. In the case in which insulation or roofing needs to be fixed in the future, spray foam guarantees no materials that would have to be removed to do so. A quick layer of spray foam will do the trick. Since spray foam is easily accessible and conforms to a multitude of shapes, the cost is low. Spray foam can assist in saving money and time for a commercial roofing system.

Sizemore Spray Foam

At Sizemore Spray Foam in Flagler County, we provide effective spray foam insulation services for commercial buildings. When using spray foam, businesses reduce their electricity cost and provide comfort for their employees. Hiring a team of trained professionals can ensure the project is done correctly. With multiple types of foam insulation available, high-quality insulation is possible for any company. Sizemore Spray Foam also provides recommendations for the insulation products needed for commercial buildings. Building owners can expect to see a lower rates on their energy, quick installation, thermal protection, protection from water damage, and more. For more information, contact Sizemore Spray Foam today.