How Spray Foam Protects Your Home

How Spray Foam Protects Your Home

When it comes to keeping your home or commercial space comfortable, insulation is key. Improper insulation can lead to a multitude of issues if not properly addressed. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a top option for ensuring your home insulation is efficiently protecting your home. If you are experiencing a rise in your air conditioning or heating bill, the issue is likely that you have an insulation problem. Fixing any gaps in your roof or walls can lead to potential savings in your monthly air conditioner or heating bill. Furthermore, spray foam also assists in strengthening a home’s structure and improving stability.

Improve Strength and Durability

Applying SPF to your home or commercial building roof can improve the strength of the building. SPF is known to have a long life span of up to 30-years. When using the spray on your roof, it also increases the lifespan of the roof for the same period of time. SPF creates durability by conforming to the surface to which it is applied. The materials within the spray foam create a bond that ensures the roof is protected. The seamless application of spray foam ensures all areas are covered to avoid water seeping through. SPF allows water to slip off the roof in an easy manner and drain efficiently. Spray foam also creates greater durability in the strength of a home in case of a high wind or stormy weather. Ensure your home or business is protected from powerful outside forces when you use spray foam.

Creates Wall Strength

The application of spray foam on walls can increase strength and durability. Wood frame construction alone is not sturdy enough to hold excessive forces of weight, such as tropical force wind and water. Strong winds can distort walls if the structure is built at minimum requirements. When applying spray foam, the chances of high wind conditions causing cracks and other structural issues are minimalized. SPF increases the durability of walls as the foam molds to the surface perfectly. A wall covered with SPF has greater strength and chance of maintaining its structure under harsh conditions. The National Association of Home Building states that SPF may add from 75 percent to 200 percent of wall strength. The association also tested the spray foam and concluded that it was the only insulated material to add strength to structures.

Protection In Florida

In Florida, most residents will experience a hurricane or two in their lifetime and SPF can help ensure structural safety. Spray foam insulation is resistant to flood damage. The material that SPF is made up of can endure wet conditions and can be cleaned after a flood. To better assist, spray foam can also stop moisture and condensation from building and storing. Therefore, SPF can decrease the chances of mold and mildew growth. Removing mold and mildew growth can reduce the chances of damage to your structure and prevent allergic reactions from occurring. If your home is in a flood zone, ensure your home is protected this hurricane season by using spray foam.

Sizemore Spray Foam

Is your home at risk this hurricane season? Do not take the chances of potentially severe damage occurring. While living in Florida, hurricane season is inevitable. Use SPF to properly insulate and protect your home from powerful, changing weather conditions. At Sizemore Spray Foam, a trained team of professionals is certified and trained to apply SPF to different types of homes, buildings, and other structures. Choosing to use SPF services can save you money in repairs if a major storm hits. Sizemore Spray Foam offers estimates to clients upon request. For more information contact Sizemore Spray Foam today to get started.