Is Spray Foam the solution for your Roof?

Is Spray Foam the Solution for your Roof?

Are you suffering from roof leakage? You might be thinking it’s time to replace the roof, right? A lot of money may have gone into repairing it again and again. So replacement may seem like the best option. However, replacing the roof is very expensive too. Think about it. Additionally, if you do not take proper action, you will face the same problems even after replacing the old roof.

Is It Going To Be Worth It?

Well, what if you could reverse the damage and prevent it from coming back again? Yes! It is possible by using Spray Foam. Spray foam is a product created by mixing two chemicals, isocyanate and polyol resin. It expands up to 30-60 times its liquid volume after spraying. The chemicals are mixed under high heat and pressure. Spray foam is widely used for insulation because of its numerous benefits.

Why Do You Need Spray Foam Roofing?


SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) can be used as roof insulation. It has a lot of benefits when used for insulation. It seals any cracks that might be present and prevents water from seeping through the roof. Preventing water retention can help avoid the growth of mosses and molds that can be a health risk. Insulating using SPF can also save a lot of money by regulating the temperature within the building or home. It reduces heating and cooling expenses. It also reduces energy expenses. Spray foams have the highest R-value. R-value measures the amount of heat resistance of a material. Spray foams are highly resistant to heat and can reduce energy consumption making it beneficial for insulation.

Minimal Maintenance

Once the roof is coated with Polyurethane or SPF there is no need for maintaining and regular inspections for at least the next ten to twenty years. The roof needs to be recoated only if the previous coating has become too thin, which usually takes a lot of time. This makes it a long-lasting solution. With such longevity, it can save you a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent on repairing your roof now and then.

Reduces Roof Load

SPF is very light since it is in the form of foam. Due to its lightweight, it can reduce the load of your roof. A heavy roof load can make it prone to breaking and damage in the long run. However, with spray foam, you need not worry about it.

Easy Installation

Installing SPF is very simple and less time-consuming than other types. It also requires less equipment which directly reduces the labor cost.

Protection from Fire

Fire protection is a necessity. SPF acts as a protective barrier against fire. It has fire retardants and controls the occurrence of fire accidents by limiting the spread.

They Are Easily Fixable

Even though SPF needs minimal maintenance, if any repairs are needed, they can be done effortlessly. Spraying more foam spray will fix all the cracks and tears that might have occurred. The double coating will also increase its efficiency and durability.

Weather Resistant

Spray foams are strong and rigid. They can go through severe weather changes like strong winds, storms, rain, or heat. Spray foam is very efficient at protecting the house or property. Using it can also extend the life of your building.

Do You Want To Get Your Roof Spray Foamed?

No matter your roof type, spray foam is very versatile and can be used with every kind of roof. We at Sizemore Spray Foam make sure you leave the stress behind. We will do all your roofing insulation work with utmost efficiency.