Protect Your Home with Spray Foam

Protect Your Home with Spray Foam

Choosing the right insulation for your home or office building is an important decision. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is an exceptional product that will improve the comfort of your space while also protecting your home from unthought-of circumstances. Why take chances when it comes to your residence or building? Be one step ahead of potential disasters and learn why SPF insulation is the best way to protect your home or business. Here is how SPF can protect your space from unforeseen circumstances and situations.

Protection from Water Damage

With SPF, you do not need to worry about water damage by exterior causes. On cool and damp days, water can seep through walls causing a potential rise in bacteria. This can result in health-related issues due to an increase in mold and fungi that can lead to respiratory issues and allergies. With SPF, every hole and crack in the walls is sealed completely. When applied, SPF hardens into a durable material, resulting in water flowing fully off the roof. This will also keep your home protected from massive floods or leaks. The spray foam is an incredible solution to prevent thermal, air, vapor, and water vapor transmission from leaking into your home.

Protection from Fires

When a fire breaks out in your neighborhood, ensure that your home is protected with SPF. Roofs are more prone to catch on fire, making your home more vulnerable. If a home or building close by catches fire, establish extra protection for your space so that flying embers are not a threat. With its built-in fire retardants, spray foam is designed to be a natural protectant against fires. Minimize the chances of your home or building catching on fire and spreading by choosing SPF for your insulation choice.

Long-Lasting Protection

SPF is built to last for a long period of time. Unlike other insulation products, SPF’s durability does not require it to be replaced or removed. UV rays can break down the spray foam a little bit but it will remain effective. On the rare occasion that your insulation does need to be repaired, spray foam is quick to apply by simply spraying more foam onto the old foam. This will also lead to more durability and efficiency. Expect spray foam insulation to have a long life span without losing its shape or value.

Increased Resistance

Roof repairs can be costly if your insulation choice is not dependable or well-made. In particular, wood frame construction carries a great amount of force when it comes to carrying the weight of water and forces of wind – leading to damaged walls. With SPF material being heavy-duty, your home will receive extra durability in its structural sturdiness. The long-lasting and resistant material of foam spray assists in the sturdiness of the walls of your home or building. The spray foam’s ability to frame itself perfectly into the surface applied results in a long-lasting firm shape. In the midst of hurricane weather, be assured that your home will be more resistant to damage caused by heavy rain and strong winds.

Protect Your Home from a Disaster

Ensure your home is protected from the next fire or hurricane and call Sizemore Spray Foam today. Our team of experts Sizemore Spray Foam will work efficiently and quickly to provide a free consultation and walk you through the process. Once you receive your free quote, our professional and certified staff will begin to apply SPF to your home or commercial building. You can expect your home or building to be completed beyond your expectation. Call us today and receive the top-rated installation in the Flagler County area.