The Benefits of Spray Foam

The Benefits of Spray Foam

Poor insulation can lead to many problems which can cost you a lot in the long run. However, insulating the house is not that difficult and can take care of your problems in no time. There are many of ways for insulation; however, Spray Foam stands out from the rest. Spray foam is a product that expands substantially compared to its volume in liquid form. Its expansion behavior makes it useful in many ways.

There are two types of spray foams. One is open-cell and the other is closed-cell. So why should you specifically consider getting Spray foam insulation? Let’s get into its benefits.

Prevents Water Penetration

Water penetration through walls and pipes is one of the biggest reasons for the growth of health-risking bacteria. Moist places give rise to mold, mosses, and fungi as well. These microorganisms can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

Spray foam enters every nook and corner of the wall and seals it, thus preventing the seeping of water and keeping the health risks away. It also prevents dust and pollen from getting inside through the walls. It improves indoor air quality which is very important to focus on for comfort and health.

Increases Wall Strength

Since foams are hard and dense, they increase the load-bearing capabilities of the wall. Spray foams also holds everything together due to the strong formula. This can help protect your house from heavy storms and wind. Spray foams can help increase the longevity of your house by strengthening it and helping to prevent any damage to the house in the long run.

Regulates Temperature

Spray foam gets into every crack and hole and seals the house thereby making it airtight. This is how it blocks the air. Since it makes the walls airtight, it prevents the house from getting too hot during summers or too cold during winters.

Spray foam can increase your comfort levels significantly, thus investing in spray foam proves to be worth every cent.

Noise Reduction

Are you irritated because of the noise from outside? Be it your neighbors or cars, noise can annoy anyone. It can even disturb your sleep and no one wants that. With the use of spray foam, you can help keep the noise out of your house. Open-cell foams are very effective in blocking noise so that you can peacefully enjoy the long naps and relaxation you desire.

Easy Installation

You do not have to give up the idea of insulating your house thinking about how difficult it is going to be. Spray foam is very simple to install. It does not even take too much time. The professionals use a spray gun and spray foam effortlessly reaches every corner, expands, and seals it. It also dries very fast and can be ready within a day.

Saves Money

Though the initial investment is more than other traditional insulating materials, spray foam lasts longer than its counterparts. Styrofoam and fiberglass are not as long-lasting as spray foam. Thus, spray foam saves money in the long run because you will neither have to repair nor replace it as frequently. Since it regulates the indoor temperature and prevents the transfer of air, it also saves your heating and cooling expenses. Air leaks can also increase energy bills and spray foam prevents air leaks and saves on your energy expenses. Spray foam has tons of benefits making it a great investment.

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