Why Choose Spray Foam?

Why Choose Spray Foam?

When it comes to your home or commercial building, ensuring comfort for all individuals is vital. With multiple insulation options available, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation can offer a multitude of benefits. SPF can efficiently ensure that air barriers are sealed on different surfaces in residential homes and commercial buildings. Spray foam can seal off openings in ceilings, walls, concrete, and more. With quick reacting materials, SPF can expand and conceal.

Quality Insulation

With poor insulation, a building’s energy can lose around 40 percent of air infiltration. With excessive air leaking out, air conditioning and heating bills will drastically increase. SPF can effectively cover up any openings in a quick manner. More efficient than other insulation, SPF can resist heat transfer and reduce air infiltration. With the ability to create a strong barrier, hot air will not be able to enter, and cold air will stay out. Without this function, you will not receive high-quality comfort in your home. For example, in the winter, it may take longer to feel the comfort of your heater. With spray foam, residential and commercial building owners can ensure comfort indoors throughout the seasons.

Energy Savings

SPF automatically expands when applied to the surface. The foam is able to spread and expand in applied areas to properly insulate and fill openings. Through the use of SPF, air leaks are minimalized in roofs and walls. Before using SPF, home and commercial building owners may have spent more on their energy bills than they originally expected since airways were not concealed. SPF can be applied to areas that can cause leaks, including attics, wiring holes, windows, doors, basements, and vents. Once these areas are successfully treated, energy savings could be noticed.

Efficient Thermal Performance

With the use of SPF insulation, thermal performance at a high R-value is achieved. The R-value is a measure to show thermal resistance per inch. The greater the R-Value, the better energy saving will be in comparison to other insulation materials. Spray foam offers between 3.5 to 7 per inch of insulation thickness. Through the use of spray foam, residential and commercial building owners can experience a decrease in their electric bills.

Improved Strength

Spray foam can provide longer lasting durability, greater than other forms of insulation. With a long-lasting lifespan, SPF can provide high-quality proficiency for up to 30 years or more. The high lifespan results in the insulation protecting your building from outdoor conditions, including rain and dampness. Without efficient insulation, it is possible for mold to grow in the event of water leakage from the roof.

SPF can also protect your building from high winds and can lead to less damage on the occasion of a storm. The insulation adds a high resistance to outside forces and helps buildings stay together. SPF is successfully able to mold into the area it is being applied and can maintain its shape. On the occasion that your home needs a touch-up, spray foam can be easily re-applied within minutes.

Choosing Sizemore Spray Foam

If your energy bills are skyrocketing, there is a chance you might have an insulation problem. Do not ignore the issue as a delayed response can lead to worsening damage and higher bills. At Sizemore Spray Foam, the expert team applies SPF to residential homes and commercial buildings in the Flagler County Area. Sizemore’s professional and certified staff have successfully applied spray foam insulation to roofs, ceilings, and other surfaces. At Sizemore Spray Foam, the team strives to successfully service clients and to provide premium quality service. Upon finishing insulation, the Sizemore Team is not finished with any job until they have achieved 100 percent customer satisfaction.