Why Spray Foam is Important

Why Spray Foam is Important

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a top-rated insulation material used in residential and commercial buildings. This material has the potential to generate massive savings and give consumers control and comfort over internal temperatures. When building a home or a business, it is vital to know your options for insulation products, as some are more efficient than others. Choosing spray foam can be life-changing to your home or business environment. That is why our trained team of experts works to provide clients with the best insulation options for their next projects. Here Sizemore Spray Foam shares why SPF products are the best insulation choice.

Greater Energy Savings

Are you overpaying on your energy bill? Save big on your energy bill when using SPF versus other insulation material. Up to 40% of energy goes to waste as a result of poor air infiltration. Homes and commercial buildings can contain multiple holes and gaps that can cause air leaks. Therefore, increasing your monthly bill unknowingly. SPF conceals gaps completely allowing air to stay within the needed parameters. The foam spray can also help ensure your heating and cooling system benefits are maximized.

Interior Comfort

Did you know that poor insulation can result in pollen and unwanted pests entering your home or business? Being proactive and sealing gaps and airways with the use of SPF can prevent these incidents from occurring. This can be beneficial to those with seasonal allergies, especially if they are severe. Prevent pollen from creaking in your office or home by choosing SPF as your insulation choice. The spray foam will lead to greater comfort while indoors and for workers in buildings.

Temperature Control

Do you ever turn the air conditioner down to 70 degrees or less but still not feel like your home or building is not cool enough? It’s most likely that your home or building is experiencing air leaks. Indoor temperatures are also controlled better when air leaks are sealed with spray foam. Temperature control creates a more comfortable environment during harsh weather, winter breezes, and hot summers. If you have air leaks in your home and building, it is most likely that you are not receiving the full advantages of your HVAC systems. Ensure your home stays fully warm in the winter and cool during heat waves by using SPF. As mentioned before, not only will sealing the air leaks help control indoor temperature, but it will also save you money on your monthly utility bill.

High-Quality Insulation that Lasts

Unlike other insulations, SPF does not require labor-intensive work to install and is durable. In comparison to other insulation options such as fiberglass, the material dries hard and does not require replacements or other changes. Its performance is consistent and high quality. Spray foam does not wear over time and it is intended to last for a long time. Ensure your home or business insulation will be safe through hurricane season and other extreme weather conditions and be worry-free knowing you chose the right insulation choice.

Find Out More Today

Why wait to invest in SPF when an emergency occurs? Insulation is vital to the construction process and can massively impact long-term results. Home and building owners seeking extra savings and protection in their homes in the Flagler County area should contact us for a free consultation and no-obligation quote. Ensure your home or business is receiving the best insulation options that will benefit you. Our experts at Sizemore Spray Foam will walk you through our services and provide the best solutions for you. For further questions, call us today to get started at 386-437-9378.