Why You Should Not Attempt DIY Spray Foam Insulation

Why You Should Not Attempt DIY Spray Foam Insulation

It’s no surprise why spray foam insulation is the topmost product in the market when it comes to energy conservation. Thanks to its versatility, spray foam is applicable everywhere including hard-to-reach surfaces. It can fill gaps and comes in handy as tight water and air seal. Additionally, it can serve as moisture-proof besides the insulation properties.

Thus, you can reap tons of benefits from spray foam insulation. However, the last thing you should consider with this product is a DIY project to save a few bucks. It could cost you more than you can imagine both health-wise and financially. And here is why you should not attempt DIY spray foam insulation: 

Labor Intensive

There is a lot to be done when insulating a surface using spray foam. You will need to clean up the wall, frame it, and work your way around the electrical wiring, plumbing, among other elements on the wall. And when dealing with drywall, chances are you will have to remove them first. This also takes time and effort. 

Requires Expertise

Did you know that there are surfaces spray foam can’t adhere to? Well, there is more where that came from. As a result, it’s better to leave this work to the expert. Professionals understand this insulation technique from mixing, to equipment use, to surface preparation, and how to spray among others. 

Fire Potential 

The foam in vapor form is flammable. Therefore, if you are not careful, you can end up burning the house. You will need to turn off ignition points, flames sources, or any combustive source that can cause a fire outbreak. To avoid endangering your household, call a professional. 

It’s Poisonous

Among the reasons you essentially need protective gear for this job, is that it’s poisonous. And even after the insulation is done, you will have to spend at least a day away from your home. This will allow enough time for the toxic fumes to diffuse out of the house. Thus, spray foam is poisonous and needs careful handling that professionals can manage effectively.


While it seems great to install the insulator yourself, lacking the skills and experience in this job can be disastrous. And if anything goes wrong forcing you to hire a professional, it will cost you more. This is because undoing inaccurately done spray foam is labor-intensive and expensive. In addition, you will pay for the material and labor for redoing this job. So you can save a lot from hiring experts. 

Needs Specific Pieces of Equipment 

Spray foam doesn’t come ready-made. Instead, you are the one to mix the two liquids that react to form the insulation foam. As such, expertise and a special container are necessary to ensure you get it right. Thereafter, you need to fix the spray gun on the container and spray the wall to create a consistent thickness. 

However, the specific pieces of equipment from the dressing gear to spraying items are quite expensive to get and use. Thus, the best solution is to hire a professional since they have the necessary pieces of equipment you need. 

Finally, hiring a professional makes sense if you are dealing with large surface area insulation. With their equipment, experience, and expertise in this field, they will save you the headache of dealing with it yourself. 

Further, their accuracy when doing this job guarantees comfort and 100% transition to an energy-efficient home with long-term benefits. So, reach out to Sizemore Spray Foam today, and transform your home into a warm and comfortable place.